Here you will find some of the content and credits for books, podcasts, designs, ideas, artworks, and images that shape my thinking about the world around me and my role as a designer.


Planning by Doing, Gehl Institute

Medium Design, Keller Easterling

Schoonschip, Space&Matter
Citizen Jane: the Battle for the City,  Matt Tyrnauer
What makes successful place? Project for Public Spaces

Silk Pavilion,  Mediated Matter,  MIT Media Lab
Journey of renewal, Keith Yamashita
All data to the People, Superflux
Space Waste Lab, Studio Roosegaarde
Happy Street, Yinka Ilori
Protoplasting Nature, Marin Rusak
Misaki Kawai pouring happiness all over the world one installation at a time, It’s nice that Capsula Mundi,

Earthspeaker, Olafur Eliasson
The Japanese Way of Calm Technology and Design | Tatazumai, Hirotaka Tako, Kaz Oki, Akiko Moriguchi for House of Beautiful Business
Feminist Data Sets, Caroline Sinders

Everyday experiments, SPACE10

Jacquemus Spring Summer 2021

Design Against Domestic Violence, Eva PenzeyMoog

Covid-19 App Ideas, Special Projects